Bollywood, as we all know, is not a place where many relationships have thrived or survived. Many couples have broken up their years of marriage in this industry and one of the early names is that of Randhir Kapoor and Babita. The two got married in 1971 and have two daughters Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor. However, things didn’t work out between the two and they got separated on a mutual decision and have been happily living their lives. In an interview, Randhir Kapoor talked about the reason why they chose to live separately and revealed that they never filed for a divorce.

In an old interview with Hindustan Times, Randhir Kapoor had stated that Babita is a crucial part of his life. He added that they both are grown ups and got separated on mutual decision. Randhir also shared that while they prefer to stay apart, they are not enemies. Talking about the differences between them Randhir said that Babita couldn’t accept the way he lived, and he didn’t want to live the way she wanted.

“She found that I was a terrible man who drank a lot and came home late, which was something she didn’t like. And I didn’t want to live the way she wanted, and she couldn’t accept me as I am, though it was a love marriage. So it’s okay. We had two lovely children to look after. She brought them up in the best way and they have excelled in their career. What else I could have asked for as a father?” he said.

Speaking about their divorce, Randhir Kapoor said, “Divorce for what? Why should we head for divorce? I don’t intend to get married again, and nor does she.”

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