Rakhi Sawant, the actor, shared that her separated husband Adil Khan Durrani spent six months in jail. However, it wasn’t due to her. In a recent press conference, Rakhi discussed how Adil had mistreated her during their marriage. She mentioned that Adil’s time in prison resulted from a case filed against him by his Iranian girlfriend.

Rakhi explains why Adil spent six months in jail

Speaking to reporters, Rakhi stated, “Doesn’t everyone know that the reason he was in jail for the past six months wasn’t because of Rakhi Sawant? His girlfriend from Iran accused him of rape there. It’s not because of me.”

Rakhi reveals Adil’s 22-day jail time for her

She also added, “For me, he was in jail for 22 days because he hurt me, he tortured me. I witnessed him being intimate with other girls and even men at my home. He attempted to harm me in Dubai and here as well. I remained silent.”

Adil gave example of Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Rakhi revealed that she is 7 years older than Adil. She stated that Adil used to give examples of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to marry her.

Accusing Adil of infidelity and mentioning his ex-girlfriend, Rakhi disclosed, “His former girlfriend was with him for five years, unaware of his marriage to me. He deceived both of us. He portrayed her as a friend and told her, ‘I want to go on Bigg Boss for Rakhi, to become a star.’ He subjected her, a student, to abuse… He has harmed me so much.”

Rakhi recounted Adil’s encounter with Salman at the IIFA awards, sharing, “Adil met Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Farah Khan. At last year’s IIFA awards, I introduced Adil to Salman. After hugging me, Salman shook Adil’s hand and said, ‘How are you? Take care (gestured towards me).”