Sana Khan Says “I am saving girls not only from Melvin but from men like him”

One of the loveliest couples was giving major PDA goals. These are none other than Sana Khan and Melvin Louis. And then, finally, the couple accepted their relationship in public. The couple agreed that ‘they are dating’ and ‘are in love’ to an online portal. Now, that the couple has brokeup that too on ugly note. Sana accused Melvin of cheating. While the latter shared an audio and tried to turn as a victim.

However, Sana gave a befitting reply. Opening up on the same, Sana said, “My main motive was to create awareness among girls specially the underage girls and save them so that they don’t go into depression and anxiety. Because I know what it is. I was on sleeping pills for a month and even after taking pills, I was sleeping for only two hours. My mental and physical health went for a toss because it was not only about cheating. There were so many things involved. I am saving girls not only from Melvin but from men like him. I want people to know the drill and want to give them a breakdown and all these are red flags so that they won’t be fooled.”

She further added, “I can’t change boys but I can make the girls stronger. I can push them to come out and talk and not to commit suicide for a guy. Don’t lose hope on love and be strong. When I was bringing this out, I didn’t know I would be an inspiration for other girls. I had to face a lot of embarrassment because of all this as we were supposed to get married. People who have gone through this kind of situation will understand.”

Sana also revealed Melvin’s family’s reaction to all this. When Sana spoke to his mother about this while she was sobbing, she said, “Yah sab toh chalta hain.” Also, Melvin deleted the audio clip of the verbal war between him and Sana that he released a few days back. About the audio clip, Sana revealed that Melvin recorded it while she was at his place fighting and breaking up with him. Sana said, “He recorded very smartly because after he raised his hand on me, I told him that I will tell people who he really is. He recorded the conversation making me repeat things behind him.”

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