The creators of Ravan Leela have shared their new short film starring 1992 con artist Pratik Gandhi. The preview begins with a couple of children standing in front of a picture of Ravan on the eve of Dussehra, a festival celebrated around the world. Soon we meet Pratik dressed as a demon king. It is part of a play called Ravan Leela and can be heard in dialogues about the greatness of the demon lord.

Pratik made an indelible impression as Ravan when he first saw the film. Speaking about the film, Pratik shared: “Not every film has the opportunity to work with two different personalities at the same time. #RaavanLeela (Bhavai) is a story that allows me to explore this and more. It will remain an eternal learning experience for me, and I can’t wait for you all to witness it in theaters! “The film directed by Hardik Gajar will be released on October 1.

Ravan is one of the most popular villains in Indian mythology. Over the years, filmmakers have explored the character in different ways. Pratik’s movie seems like the perfect setting for watching this Dussehra. Besides Ravan Leela, even Adipurush Om Raut will see Saif Ali Khan as the demon lord.

Earlier in an interview, Saif said the role was “fun to play,” and described the physical transition he went through for Prabhas-starrer.

“He (Om Raut) is going to make me more than I am, but then again, it might take him away. There are several tricks involved, but many of them are real. He wanted us to train and look especially cool. The fact is that Ravana is the Satan of India, he is the king of demons. And I think he’s driven by vanity. He is the embodiment of vanity. It all comes down to the judgment you pray for. give, the kingdom he wants. His whole perspective is gloomy, hazy, and useless. This is a monster. In this sense, playing is powerful and fun. “The goal of the story is to defeat the monster,” Saif said in an interview with Film Companion. The premiere of “Adipurush” will take place in August next year.