Paras Chhabra Bashed By Designers For Not Paying Their Money & Damaging Clothes After Break-up With Akanksha Puri

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri’s break-up wasn’t a very nice one. Paras belittled his girlfriend Inside the house of Bigg Boss 13 and even called her nothing but a broker between him and his designers. However, she did make sure that her boyfriend got decent clothes to wear inside the house. But after he said a hit too Much and claimed that he had wanted to break up with Akanksha since long but she didn’t let him do that, Akanksha couldn’t take it anymore. She broke up with him and stopped taking care of his clothes and shoes and his looks. However, the designers did not stop the supply of his clothes and shoes. But now they’re lashing out at Paras Chhabra for being unprofessional.

Two of his designers, Taashi and the other who wanted to be anonymous have come out to say that Paras hasn’t paid them yet. But these two girls in question, one of whom is Taashi and the second has requested to be not named- did not stop their deliverables when the couple broke up. “Hamare line mein faith se kaam chalta hai and we never dreamt that Paras would make us run from pillar to post,” claims Taashi.  Akanksha had stopped paying these designers post her break-up, the fees from December onward have not been given.

So why is he not paying them? The second girl says, which is also endorsed by Taashi, “It is extremely unprofessional. Every time he says mere GST issues chal rahe hain, hence I haven’t got my prize money of Bigg Boss 13 and shall pay you only when I get it.”

But that’s not all. They even claim that Paras has ruined some of the clothes and shoes and can not even be returned. Paras has damaged some of the clothes they lent him. “They are not in a condition to be returned and we are billing him for that as well,” they claim again.

Also, he is said to have told them that he has lost some of the shoes they’d sent him.

Taashi and her associate are now in the process of talking to Paras’ mother as Paras has got busy with Swayamvar. Taashi says, “We hope this ends soon. We are stressed. Our exams are going on. We certainly did not expect this when the offer to doll him up came through a set of friends. We invested in this and stand to lose so much. It was fine as long as Akanksha paid us for October and November. As for September, we gave him complementary stuff. Paras ought to pay us for December, January and February.”

Adds Taashi, “I am getting so many calls from the brands in question that I’m hardly picking any of them. We are just clueless what to do.”

The accomplice continued, “Paras contacted us just one week before entering Bigg Boss 13 and we worked so hard to get things ready for him in time. The non-payment issue is so unprofessional. Never faced such a situation at work till date.”

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