Neha Kakkar And Rohanpreet Singh’s Leonardo DiCaprio Memes Flooded All Over The Internet; With This, Here’s How Singer Reacted To It

Neha Kakkar has been hitting news headlines ever since she started dating Mujhse Shaddi Krogi candidate Rohanpreet and as of late with gossipy tidbits doing rounds on social media for her wedding with Rohanpreet. Neha, who was seen judging Indian Idol 11 of late, is reputed to date artist Rohanpreet Singh. Actually, their wedding card likewise turned into a web sensation. Furthermore, presently another video is doing rounds of when Rohan made Neha meet his parents unexpectedly.

Singing sensation Neha Kakkar

Including all the love and emotions, Neha Kakkar recently took to her Instagram handle and shared a video from her first gathering with Rohanpreet’s family. In the video, the couple is seen sitting together, holding each other hands. Neha is seen holding a pack loaded with blessings. The couple glances very energized in the video and are lost in their discussion. While Neha sports an easygoing dark T-shirt and denim, Rohanpreet sports a multi-color coat in square prints. Neha subtitled the video, “The day he made me meet His Parents and Family. Love you @rohanpreetsingh #NehuPreet

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh appear to be at the best period of their lives as the two will get into the marriage soon. The two have even made their relationship official on their separate Instagram accounts calling each other ‘mine’ ‘babu’ ‘Jaanu’ and ‘Zindagi,’ making it clear the two are head over heels in affection with one another. A wedding card of Neha and Rohan surfaced on the web.

In the midst of the wedding news, online media is loaded up with their images and there’s unified with Leonardo DiCaprio as well. It appears to be that Neha has run over certain images as she made a long post on her Instagram stories saying that she has seen a few images and is all alright with it. Nehu even asked her fans not to feel outraged as it is the occupation of the makers of the meme.

Taking her note to her Stories, she stated, “For all the image accounts and their haters as well. I have been seeing my images for so long! I think today I need to state something. So. It’s a solicitation to the individuals who see images and get annoyed. Plz don’t manhandle these individuals, everyone has some task to take care of throughout everyday life, which causes them to feel complete, and if making meme is their work or if making funny memes gives them Happiness, left them alone!”

As Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh are set to get married on October 24 and a source near the soon-to-marry couple uncovers to SpotboyE, “The marriage arrangements are going all out and the pair will get married on October 24 of every an excellent function in Delhi.

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