Dalljiet Kaur And Nikhil Patel Unfollow Eachother on Instagram, Remove Wedding Photos Amid Divorce Rumours

Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel’s whirlwind romance led to a fairytale wedding in March 2023. However, whispers of separation have emerged as the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram. This has further sparked speculation about the state of their relationship.

Instagram Signals Relationship Strain

Social media sleuths quickly noticed the unusual activity on Dalljiet and Nikhil’s Instagram profiles. The couple used to share intimate glimpses of their life but have now removed photos of each other. The duo has also deleted their wedding pictures from their Instagram feed.

Nikhil changed his Instagram bio from ‘girl-boy dad’ to ‘girl dad,’ highlighting his role as a father to Jaydon, Dalljiet’s son from her previous marriage. Additionally, Nikhil’s profile no longer features images of Dalljiet but does include a video of him bonding with Jaydon during a haircut. These subtle yet telling changes have set tongues wagging about the status of their relationship.

Fans Express Concern Amid Silence

The digital sphere erupted with speculation following the revelation, with fans expressing their concern and disappointment over the apparent discord in the couple’s once-envied relationship. Comment sections across social media platforms were flooded with queries and messages of support, urging Dalljiet and Nikhil to address the speculation and reconcile any differences.

However, amidst the clamour, the couple has maintained a stoic silence, neither confirming nor denying the rumours circulating about their relationship status. The absence of a formal statement has only intensified curiosity among their devoted followers, who eagerly await clarity on the matter.

Prior Statements and Engagement

Previously, amidst similar conjecture about their relationship, Dalljiet’s spokesperson provided a brief insight into her whereabouts, citing family commitments in India as the reason for her temporary absence from Kenya, where the couple had been residing.

Their engagement in January 2023 was celebrated with much fanfare, signalling hope for a blissful union. In subsequent interviews, Dalljiet candidly spoke about her readiness to give marriage another chance, shedding light on her cautious approach to moving from her previous marriage to actor Shaleen Bhanot.

As speculation mounts and the couple’s social media activity continues to fuel rumours, fans remain hopeful for clarity and resolution in what has become a perplexing chapter in their favourite couple’s love story.

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