Television actress and Dancer Mahhi Vij shared her mother’s health updates, Sushma Vij. Recently, Mahhi Vij revealed that her mother had suffered a brain stroke. A mother is the one who supports us in any situation to protect her child. She can sense everything her child wants and Consequently, the bond between a mother and her child can never be expressed in words. TV actress, Mahhi Vij was dealing with a similar sort of pain after her mother, Sushma Vij suffered a brain stroke.

The actress Mahhi Vij had shared a video a few days ago, on her Instagram handle with her mother from a Gurdwara. In the video, she could be seen doing Seva and helping people in making prasad in the Gurudwara. Besides this, she had written a long emotional note for her mother, expressing how she had gone there to perform ardaas for her mom as she wasn’t well. Mahhi shared the video, she had written:

“Ardaas for my Mother’s health. My mother has been my pillar, My strength. All I want from God is your good health. Maa, you have nursed my wounds and soothed my fears, healed my fears, and wiped my tears…made me what I am today. Sorry for getting mad at you at times. I love you, I love you. It shook us to see you like this but they say karma is real and I strongly believe your karmas saved you and us. Thank you Dr. Lulla for always being there for us. Aapki Proud Beti, Mahhi.”

Speaking with ETimes, Mahhi Vij said that her mother was hospitalized as she had suffered a brain stroke and now she is back home. She is grateful that her mother is better now and makes sure of her comfort by taking care of her mom. She said that it was a tough time for her family, Mahhi Vij said “It came suddenly and it was a very tough time for the entire family.”

On April 14, 2020, Mahhi Vij had shared an emotional video for her mother for her remembrance. In the video, Mahhi was seen breaking down into tears as she can’t meet her due to the lockdown. In 2020 during the lockdown, and that time she was not able to see her mother and had missed her desperately. Mahhi was aware of her mother’s illness and that made her sadder. Also, she had written an emotional note that could be read as:

“It was very difficult for me to make this #tiktok my mother stays 5 mins away from me but for her safety n well-being, I don’t want to meet her. Everyday is pretty hard for me emotionally. I have never been away from Mom for so long. I have always mentioned how my mother has been an important part of my life and my journey. Now the way she protects my little one and how she spends most of her time with @tarajaymahhi is impeccable. I love you Maa @shushmavij meri maa see you soon. Hope everyone is safe.”