When Satish Kaushik Fell In Love With Archana Puran Singh In Dubai, After Saving Her From Some Goons: Deets Inside!!!

Satish Kaushik fell in love with Archana Puran Singh while filming “Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja.” Satish Kaushik is undoubtedly a gem in the Indian cinema business and one of the most gifted individuals of his time. He has appeared in several of the most well-known movies, including Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Woh 7 Din, Masoom, Mandi, Mr India, Ram Lakhan, Swarg, Saajan Chale Sasural, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Aunty No. 1, Soorma, Chhalaang, Kaagaz, Sharmaji Namkeen, and many others. Satish Kaushik confessed to having a crush on Archana Puran Singh during one such segment of the programme.

A lot of flying kisses from Archana greeted the seasoned director as soon as he entered the programme, and it was at that point that he admitted to having a crush on her when she was still single. His words were: “Kapil ye mera 34th crush thi. Agar Parmeet eski life mein na hota na. Toh ye jo crush (referring to himself) haina, crusher banjata eske upar.”

When Satish Kaushik revealed this, Archana Puran Singh praised him profusely and called him “one of the nicest friends in the world.” The show’s judge further stated that it is uncommon to meet someone as kind and generous as Satish. After hearing all of these flattering words from his 34th crush, Satish immediately thought back to the time he first fell in love with her. The seasoned director had disclosed that Archana sought his assistance after being harassed while he was in Dubai promoting his movie, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja. He remembered:

“Mereko esse (Archana Puran Singh) pyar pata hai kaisey hogaya tha. Actually Dubai mein hum show karne gaye the. Hindustan ki sabse disaster movie, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja banayi thi. Hum usko promote karne ke leye gaye the Dubai mein. Aur ye Archana jo hain, suddenly main backstage tha aur show ki taiyari chal rahi thi. Aur bhagti hui aayi, aur rooti hui. Maine pucha kya hua Archana. Esne kaha Satish mere saath Satish. Main na bus mein aari thi, aur kuch ladko ne mere saath jabrdasti ki.”

He stated that he had stopped the entire show to punish the unidentified lads who had tormented Archana and had only resumed it after they had all begged for her forgiveness. When reflecting on the incident, Satish Kaushik said that when Archana informed him that other guys had harassed her, he understood that this was his moment to win her over and demonstrate how much he liked and cared for her. He had revealed the same thing and said:

“Maine kaha kya baat kar rahi hai tu. Muje laga ye mauka hain esko impress karne ka. Abhi hero jo andar hain mere, vo bahar nikal raha tha. Maine kaha hua, hua kya ye toh bata. Kehne lagi kuch ladko ne ese kiya. Maine kaha theek hain. Maine organiser ko bulaya. Maine unhe bola ki ye meri Archana hain eske saath esa hua hain, agar vo ladke 5 minute ke andar yaha nahin aaye. Toh aapka ye show ho nahi payega Dubai ke andar. Aur vo bade powerful log the. Aur jab ye aayi, aur humne un 5 logo ko dhunda, esne unko pechana aur vo aake eske pairo pe pade, aur unhone sorry bola. Esne (Archana) mereko gale lagaya, vo gale lagte he mereko crush hogaya eske upar.”

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