Jacqueline Fernandez Spotted Outside A Temple After Name Appeared In Money Extortion Case, Watch Video

Jacqueline Fernandez made her first appearance after the actress’s name appeared in a money extortion case. the actress was spotted outside Mukteshwar temple in Juhu, Mumbai where she had visited to seek blessings. A week ago, the Enforcement Directorate filed a charge sheet against the actress and it was reported that she might get arrested.

According to the charge sheet filed by ED, Jacqueline Fernandez was constantly in touch with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar. The man has been charged in the 200 crore money extortion case who met the actress via contacting her over the phone. As per the reports, Sukesh had contacted the actress by first calling her makeup man who then connected the actress to him.

As per Jacqueline Fernandez’s statement, the con man had introduced himself as the owner of Sun Tv. The man also told her that he is related to the late actress and minister Jayalalitha and her family. The man also made calls to the actress from Tihar jail. in the report filed by ED, the conman kept sending expensive gifts to the actress which she accepted. The list of gifts included Gucci dresses, diamond rings, a mini cooper, Persian cats, and a horse.


Now, in a video shared by the paparazzi, Jacqueline Fernandez could be seen paying her respects at the temple in Mumbai. The actress is seen wearing a light blue colour suit and holding a polybag with ‘prasad’. She quickly paid her respects at the temple and sat inside her car. Jacqueline could also be seen covering her face with a blue colour mask.

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