Bollywood actor Ishan Khatter made a blunder while doing a live session on the internet. The actor is now getting comments from the netizens. It so happened that Ishaan Khatter engaged in a live Instagram session to connect with his fans. However, after sharing a lively conversation. Yet, he neglected to turn off the camera once the Insta live session concluded.

The video has now been doing rounds on the internet and is receiving hilarious comments. But a section of the audience is also saying that it was a PR stunt. The social media users have compared the clip with the recent incident with Kajol. For the unversed, Kajol had deleted all her posts to p[romote her web series ‘The Trial’. She also stated that she is currently going through the biggest trial of her life. This made her fans and followers concerned for the actress.

But later when the netizens understood that it was a strategy to promote her series they trolled the actress. The actress received backlash from the viewers left, right, and center. Now, Ishan’s video has once again stirred the same conversation.

Ishan Khatter’s live session


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If you are wondering what the actor was talking about then keep on reading. Engaged in a casual chat with a friend, Ishaan Khatter casually opens an envelope, revealing a TVS invite from Dubai. Speculations arise if this was an intentional promotional tactic. Just then he looks into the camera and freaks out, his followers could be seen commenting that he has forgotten to end the session. But now A section of the audience is criticizing the actor for his alleged fake acting. A lot of users are also calling the planned and are disappointed with Ishan.