Preity Zinta On How She Puts Twins To Sleep With ‘Koi Mil Gaya’s’ Help, Calls Them ‘Jadoo’ Checkout!

In an interview, Preity Zinta disclosed a few anecdotes from her then-superhit film, ‘Koi Mil Gaya,’ and how the film is still related to her life. Preity Zinta talked about a situation that occurred on the Koi Mil Gaya set in an interview with ANI. When Preity recalled the first day of the movie’s shoot, she recalled that she had been waiting for her Mission Kashmir and Lakshya co-star, Hrithik Roshan, for a while. He was not, however, anywhere to be found. Hrithik then tapped on her shoulder when she became upset with him, and Preity was completely taken in by his expression and his persona. She then realized that Hrithik was already on location and said:

“I remember the first day of shoot, I was irritated that Hrithik was late and suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned to see and it was Hrithik in Rohit’s look. He was completely unrecognisable and I was surprised to see him. It only then struck me that Hrithik was on set all along, it was just that I did not recognise him.”

Preity confesses that she plays the song from Koi Mil Gaya to put her children, Gia and Jai, to sleep

During the same conversation, Preity Zinta also shared a sweet fact about her twin children, Gia and Jai. The actress revealed her method for putting her kids to sleep. The adoring mother said that she did this by playing the Koi Mil Gaya title track. Not only that, but Preity compared her kids to the fictional extraterrestrial entity Jadoo. Preity stated: “The title track, Koi Mil Gaya is something I play when my kids don’t go to sleep, it helps calm them down.”

Preity, her twins, and her husband Gene were out on a stroll through the streets of Los Angeles

On July 2, 2023, Preity posted a stunning picture of herself, her devoted husband Gene Goodenough, and their twin children Gia and Jai on her Instagram account. The actress took the photo as the family of four was out for a stroll in Los Angeles. Their children were bundled in wool while Preity and Gene were wearing matching casual outfits in black tones. Gia sported pink-hued clothing with elegant ponytails, while Jai appeared adorable in a blue-hued blazer and matching slacks.

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