Imran Khan was the chocolate boy of Bollywood who was loved by one and all. It seemed that his life was going pretty great – he had an amazing movie career, a beautiful and loving wife Avantika, and an adorable daughter. But all came to a still when the two announced their separation in 2019 September. The two have been living separately and Imran has even announced his retirement from the acting world. Both Imran and Avantika have stayed quiet about the reason for the split but apparently, it was Imran’s extramarital affair with Lekha Washington that led to the split.

According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, “Imran and Lekha have been seeing each other for some time. Lekha’s husband Pablo Chatterji and Imran were close buddies but a roaring affair between the two started without anyone’s knowledge. In fact, after Avantika moved out of the bungalow, Imran has started introducing Lekha to his circle as well. This has also brought Lekha’s marriage on the brink of a breakdown. Both the families are completely scattered at this point.”

The report also stated that Imran Khan had bought a property to be around Lekha. A neighbour told the portal, “Lekha can be spotted going in and out of the building in the wee hours. It is very close to his own house at Pali Hill, Bandra. Imran is waiting for the divorce to come through to announce this new relationship.”

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