“Inko Job Se..” Sushmita Sen Shares Her First Boyfriend Rajat Tara Quit Job to Support In Miss Universe Journey

Sushmita Sen, renowned for her Miss Universe win in 1994, recently shared a heartwarming story about her first love, Rajat Tara. During a chat show hosted by Farooq Shaikh, Sushmita reminisced about Rajat’s invaluable support during her early days in Mumbai.

In the midst of the conversation, Rajat Tara fondly recalled their initial encounter during Sushmita’s modelling audition. This prompted Sushmita to reflect on Rajat’s crucial role in her life, particularly during her Miss Universe preparations.

A Supportive Companion

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita affectionately referred to Rajat as an indispensable presence during her journey. She expressed deep appreciation for his unwavering support when she relocated to Mumbai for her Miss Universe training. Rajat’s encouragement and companionship were instrumental during this pivotal phase of her life.

Sacrifices for Love

Sushmita revealed that Rajat made significant sacrifices to stand by her side. Despite facing repercussions at work, he prioritized her aspirations over his professional commitments. Rajat’s decision to resign from his job at Benetton to accompany her to Mumbai exemplified his unwavering dedication and love for her.

Heartfelt Reactions

Following Sushmita’s candid revelation, social media platforms buzzed with admiration for her openness and Rajat’s unwavering support. Netizens applauded Sushmita’s honesty and loyalty to her friend, recognizing the depth of their bond and the sacrifices made for each other.

In essence, Sushmita Sen’s heartfelt story about her first love, Rajat Tara, offers a poignant reminder of the power of love and unwavering support in shaping life’s journey. Her tale resonates with many, highlighting the profound impact of genuine companionship and selfless sacrifice. Meanwhile, the actress is reportedly in relationship with Rohman Shawl. The two had earlier announced their breakup but they are often spotted together at various events.

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