Bipasha Basu recently shocked the world by revealing her daughter was born with two holes in her heart. The actress revealed the struggle of conceiving her baby and her pregnancy journey in a live session with Neha Dhupia. Bipasha also broke down into tears while recalling the pregnancy and delivering Devi. However, the news of Devi having holes in their heart left Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover numb and emotional.

During the live session, Bipasha stated that her husband was a mess and did not want Devi to undergo surgery. However, Bipasha on the other hand was clear that she did not want her daughter to live with the problem and get rid of it. She wanted the problem to be out of Devi’s life as soon as possible.

The actress got in contact with several other parents dealing with a similar situation. They assured Bipasha that going through the surgery is the best thing for their child. Bipasha said that her baby girl is very strong and during the surgery she kept the nurses and doctors smiling by looking at her innocent face and smile. talking about smiles, Bipasha’s daughter Devi has an adorable smile. she recently shared glimpses of her baby during live chat. Bipasha took Devi in her arms from Karan and showed her face to the camera.

Devi smiled into the camera and indeed melted thousand of fans’ hearts. Bipasha revealed that her baby is a social butterfly and that she loves paps. Whenever the paparazzi are around clicking the actress, Devi fights to show her face too. Meanwhile, Bipasha and Karan got married in 2016 and welcomed their daughter in 2022. The duo often shares adorable pictures of them with their child on social media.