Imran Khan’s Shocking Revelations, ‘Gave Up Bungalow To Live In Flat, Use 3 Plates And Cut His Own Hair’

Recent reports suggested that actor Imran Khan is moving into filmmaker Karan Johar’s flat with his girlfriend Lekha Washington. However, Imran laughed off these rumors but shared insights into his housing choices.

Imran’s Decision to Move

Imran Khan revealed that he decided to leave his late grandfather Nasir Hussain’s lavish bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai, to live in a flat. He emphasized that for the past five years, he has been residing in a space he made his own. Initially, it was a space, and over time, he furnished it according to his needs.

Imran’s Lifestyle Choices

Imran explained that he deliberately separated from material possessions and external expectations. He furnished his space with only essentials, like a television, a sofa, and three plates. He took charge of cleaning and managing his space independently, finding happiness in simplicity. Imran also shared that he cooks breakfast for himself but gets his other meals from his mother’s home. He even cuts his hair, describing this behaviour as “borderline pathological.”

In Aamir Khan’s Footsteps?

Drawing a parallel with his uncle Aamir Khan, Imran mentioned Aamir’s desire to lead a simpler life away from the glamour of Mumbai. Aamir had expressed his wish to retire from acting and settle in Coonoor to start anew. Interestingly, Aamir’s cousin and Imran’s uncle, Mansoor Khan, actualized this dream by moving to Coonoor and starting an organic farm after a successful career in Bollywood.

Imran Khan’s Career

Regarding his career, Imran Khan was last seen in the movie “Katti Batti” in 2015. He has been on a hiatus since then but is contemplating a comeback now.

Imran Khan’s decision to move from a grand bungalow to a modest flat reflects his pursuit of a simpler and more independent lifestyle. Additionally, his family’s experiences, particularly those of Aamir and Mansoor Khan, showcase the quest of living away from the hustle and bustle of the film industry. As Imran considers returning to the screen, his journey serves as a reminder of the importance of personal fulfilment amidst the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

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