“I Could Have Been Raped and Killed In Bihar,” Says Ameesha Patel While Campaigning For LJP

Actress Ameesha Patel was in Bihar recently, where she was campaigning for an LJP candidate in the assembly elections. In an interview with India Today, Ameesha revealed that she felt unsafe and scared of her life while she was in Bihar. Ameesha Patel further stated that she could be raped and killed in Bihar but she had to play along until she reached Mumbai. While calling the while campaigning experience a nightmare, the actress revealed that she had gone as a guest to Prakash Chandra, a candidate of the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) in the Bihar assembly election.

"Ameesha Patel in Bihar"

Ameesha Patel, in her interview with India Today, said, “I was so scared for my life and for the team of people that were with me that I had no choice but to quietly play along till I safely reached Bombay.” She also added that Prakash Chandra threatened, and blackmailed her while she was campaigning for him. Ameesha also accused him of sending threatening calls and messages, asking her to speak highly of him after she arrived in Mumbai. “Even as I arrived back last evening in Mumbai, he started sending threatening calls and messages and asking me to speak highly of him as I had been honest about my terrible experience with him…,” said Ameesha.

Ameesha Patel also claimed that Prakash Chandra even made her miss evening flight to Mumbai and threatened to leave her in his village if she didn’t agree and go along. She was quoted saying, “But when I reached Mumbai I had to let the world know the truth. I could have been raped and killed. My car was surrounded at all times by his people and they would refuse to let my car move till I didn’t do as he said. He trapped me. And put my life in danger. This was his way of operating.”

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