Recently, Hansika Motwani revealed her reality programme, “Love Shaadi Drama,” which is based on her nuptials to Sohael Khaturiya. She then revealed some fascinating information regarding their love affair. Popular actress Hansika Motwani and her longtime partner Sohael Khaturiya got married in a lovely ceremony in December 2022. 

Hansika Motwani spoke candidly about her plan to film her wedding for a web series and how she wanted her followers to be a part of it in an interview with The Indian Express. When asked why she chose to be married in roughly six weeks, Hansika mentioned that her fiancé Sohael was first apprehensive about the notion since he isn’t accustomed to cameras. Although she claimed that everything was recorded in a very natural way, she received criticism for putting her private moments in a programme. She stated:

“I have perpetually grown up in front of the audience. They have seen my journey and have been part of my life since I was eight. When I decided to be a bride, I wanted them to witness it. And what better way than joining hands with Hotstar? It was just a way to invite them to my big day. The cameras were a fly on the wall. They were around us, but nothing was for the camera. But let them keep talking. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s really okay. I know it’s coming from my heart and it’s legit reality.”

She said that she and Sohael were never business partners, contrary to what the media had claimed, when she was asked to recount how she fell in love with him. Sohael had always been her brother Prashant’s greatest friend, she said, but she had never imagined being married to him. When thinking about it, she stated:

“He has always been around. Along with my brother, he also became my best friend. It was all very organic for us. To be honest, I never thought I would end up with him. That the man who’s around me so often will become the man of my life. All this while when people would say that marry your best friend, I would be like aisa nahi hota hai. But it’s actually true. The equation becomes so different, and there’s this amazing comfort level. It just can’t be expressed, but I think it was just meant to be.”

Hansika continued the conversation by confessing that despite wanting to be married at the age of 24, she was overworked. The actress disclosed that she chose to exercise patience and let things unfold naturally because of her professional responsibilities. She came to the following conclusion:

“Then I decided it will happen when it has to happen. There was also no pressure on me to get married. But I think Sohael lost patience and told me now we should get married. He decided on that big proposal so that I would be like chalo, let’s go for it. We have been such good friends, life hasn’t changed for us, and it has just gotten better.”

The documentary series Love Shaadi Drama, hosted by Hansika, is available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar.