Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Actress Vandana Vithlani Recalls Selling Rakhis To Pay Bills During The Lockdowns

Actress Vandana Vithlani recently opened up on her lack of work and extreme financial crisis during the last lockdown. She also shockingly revealed that she had been selling rakhis to survive the lockdown last year. The actress is one of the most popular faces in the television industry and has proved her mettle in many top-performing daily soaps like “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya”.

In an interview with, when Vandana Vithlani was asked if she went through any financial crisis during the lockdown. She shared a shocking secret about her lockdown experience as she had revealed that she had started selling Rakhis online. “Due to corona a lot of people had to change their profession. As they thought they may not be able to survive in their present profession. Because expenses are the same but income has lowered due to the Pandemic. And I was facing the same problem.”

Recalling the main idea behind selling Rakhshabandhan’s rakhis online, she had revealed that although she has some work now she still wants to continue making and selling Rakhis online. She was quoted as saying, “It’s not like that Pandemic was there so I started making Rakhi for my survival and now when I have other work in hand I should stop. I made it a part of my creativity. And I am taking it ahead.”

Further sharing her plans to make her unplanned business to a successful business mode she said, “I am making anklets and handmade jewellery also. Whoever has taken it from me have loved, and I love that part of doing this. I don’t want it to stop here. I don’t know how big it will turn out to be eventually but I am trying my best to take it ahead.” At the end of her interview, the actress dropped a beautiful motivational thought and it’s quite powerful. She said, “If I have started something and I have the capacity to take it further. I will do it.”

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