Sexual preferences and taste come with discretion. They can be compared to how you order your pizza, people simply have different tastes, while you may enjoy it with pineapple, others may prefer pepperoni. In other words, everyone has a different sexual taste too. Just because your previous partner enjoyed a particular position, does not mean your new partner will dig it too! It’s normal for your turn-ons to be someone else’s turn-offs.

However, the ground rules for sex remain unchanged. There are a few things that should always be kept in mind while having the love-making session with her. The consent comes first, no matter how much heated up the moment is, it still does not give you a free pass to do as you please. Ask her first and then proceed safely.

Here is a list of simple things that can make a woman happy in bed:

Your attention:

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There is nothing like having all of your partner’s attention to yourself. You cannot give her your all without giving her your attention first, trust us, she wants the most of it. It’s easy and comes free, why shall your mind even be wandering when you’re with her. Look into her eyes and give her a nice compliment, and see her confidence skyrocket in an instance. The more confidence, the more fun? Sex should always feel warm and close to the person you’re having it with, not distant, so don’t forget to pull her a little closer the next time.


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Trust us when we say this: Communication is the key to everything with your partner. Being vocal about what you like in bed is just as important as hearing what she likes. Sex is a two-way road and the journey can be just as exciting as you can make it. Pay attention to her response to every touch of yours, and voila, you’re both destined to reach the destination soon! We’re talking of orgasms and O’s kind of a destination, just so you know.

No Judgement Zone:

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Like we said before, sex is something very special between the people having it, and nothing should take that away from them. There’s a reason that the two of you are together, in an enclosed space. It’s probably because you are in a relationship, or friends with benefits, whatever the reason might be, there is one common ground that you both stand on, and that is trust. 


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Foreplay is not a drill. A lot of people can solely orgasm with a lot of foreplay, for starters. So put that tongue in action and you’ll see a lot of eye rolls and happy smiles, and oh, how can we forget moans. Foreplay also plays an important role as you both need to be turned on, and there is nothing like it. Ask her what she likes and how shall it be done on her, and she will have the details for it. So, what are you waiting for.

Trying New Things:

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Since sex can get monotonous in your everyday life, it shall never be boring. Trying new things in bed will not only keep her happy but also pump life into your sex routine. Try new locations, positions, foreplay techniques, and other methods to keep it interesting. Imagine it in this way: can you eat the same flavored pizza for the rest of your life? We can’t either.

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