Farah Ali Khan Says,”It Is A Shame An Acid Attack Victim Has So Much Venom In Her” Hours After Getting Rangoli Chandel’s Account Suspended

Recently Sussane Khan’s sister Farah Ali Khan reported Kangan Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s sister account over one of her tweets in which she supposedly compared herself to the Nazis. Following this, Twitter suspended Rangoli’s account. And now hours after getting Rangoli’s account suspended Farah expressed how she feels that it’s a shame that an acid attack survivor has so much venom in her.

Farah took to Twitter and wrote,“It’s a shame that an acid attack victim has such venom in her. It’s bn years since that happened &Rangoli Chandel has recovered physically but shocked with the hatred she spews day in & out stating to kill ppl from a certain community &compares herself 2 Nazis brazenly.” In the tweet Farah talked about how she is shocked by the fact even after several years Rangoli’s acid attack incident happened and that she has recovered but is shocked by the hatred that she spews in and out.

Farah also tweeted, “There are equal number of both good & bad ppl from ALL religions. To condemn all over the actions of some or wish them ALL dead is EVIL & VILE. No one should be killed in the name of religion. And those that call out for that killing should be taken to task whoever it maybe.”

Check out her tweets below:

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