Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been happily married for a very long time. The actress got married in two excessive weddings in Jodhpur in 2018. Their romantic tale is additionally very fascinating. Nick proposed to Priyanka after only two months of dating and soon they got drawn in on July 20, 2018. The couple got identical tattoos on their first engagement anniversary. In the winter of 2018, Priyanka and Nick had gotten married with two weddings according to their religions in Umaid Bhawan Palace.

What’s more, presently, they are enjoying their ‘cheerfully ever after’. As of late, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Nick discussed his whole proposal part as Peecee had taken almost 45 seconds pause to answer. The singer clarified the entire proposal and said, “It was extreme (the proposal). I in the long run needed to say I will put this on your finger and afterward you advise me after if it’s a no however I’m tired of waiting.”

A month ago, in collaboration with Shobhaa De at the virtual release of the Jaipur Literature Festival, Priyanka Chopra had opened up on her then-lover and now-spouse, Nick Jonas’ first gathering with her mom, Madhu Chopra. Priyanka had re-called the funny occurrence when Nick had met Madhu Ji interestingly, that too in nightwear. The ravishing actress had said, “It shouldn’t be a prologue to guardians. I failed to remember that she’d be up. She actually prods me about it. I neglected to call her since it was 1 PM and we resembled 10 minutes away. So when we took the choice of going to my home, we were at that point there.”

She had additionally added, “My mom was so stunned! It was 1 PM, she is wearing is nightie and we will not fail to remember this since it was abnormal for me too. You are bringing a person home, it resembled sort of peculiar, and she leaps up panicked. She resembled, “oh! One second”. She goes to her washroom and starts wearing lipstick. She calls me in and says, “For what reason didn’t you told me? I’m not going to come out!” I said if you are not coming out, for what reason would you say you are putting your lipstick on?”