In painful news, actress Ileana D’cruz has cut her two fingers while cooking, and the actress then cried like a baby. In her latest post, the ‘Barfi’ actress informed her fans and followers that she has accidentally cut her two fingers while preparing a dish and then she burst out into tears like a baby.

Ileana posted her two selfies in the Instagram stories and it can clearly be seen that she has really cried hard. The actress’s face is red and her eyes are filled with tears, she captioned the post as “Sliced two of my fingers bad while cooking and then proceeded to cry like a child while trying to manoeuvre the not-so-easy task of putting bandaids on.” She added, “I’m okay though” with a teary-eyed emoji.

Ileana then shared another post on her Instargam stories, in which she can be seen smiling as she wrote that, this is not the first time she has sliced her finger. “Also, I have sliced my fingers so many times it’s a wonder I still have fingers.” This time, she added a laughing emoji too. But here’s some more information. It read, “However, on another note, there’s absolutely no shame in crying,” she wrote.

Ileana is such a happy-go-lucky girl that she always finds her way out after a tough phase. Recently the actress had also posted about ‘self love’. “Self-love kinda day. Reminder to be kind to yourself…Also, give yourself a hug and thank your body for being a haven and for holding you up through rough times and stressful times. You’re a mean fighting machine and today just sit back and enjoy the wonderful things you and your body can accomplish.”