Exclusive Bigg Boss 14, Preview: Rahul Vaidya Gives Rakhi Sawant A bath In The BB Garden Area; Nikki Tamboli Accuses Vikas Gupta Of Kissing Girls- Checkout

The most TRP gained reality TV show Bigg Boss 14 is ensuring that the watchers are stuck to their TV screens. As of late, during the nomination task, contestants have been alloted one area of the house and in the event that the challenger gets nominated, at that point the zone house bearing their name gets closed for all. Challengers were likewise seen battling with one another. However, among all these, Bigg Boss has restricted restroom for the competitors leaving them in a fix. Another promotion video is delivered indicating Rakhi Sawant washing her hairs in the garden area while Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni was seen helping her.

The video shows Rakhi Sawant entering the pool area with a basin in her grasp after the washroom gets bolted. The clasp further shows Rahul Vaidya applying cleanser on her hair and afterward she requests that Aly apply conditioner on her hair. At the point when Rahul pours water on her hair she says, “Bhot thanda pani hai.” The Colors TV subtitled it, “Ghar ka Bathroom zabt ke kaaran #RakhiSawant ko @rahulvaidya23 aur @AlyGoni ne diya hair wash!” Rakhi Sawant consistently engages the watchers with her interesting jokes.

Nikki is extremely cheerful subsequent to being named as she was relegated the room, and as a discipline, nobody can utilize the bathroom in it. Later after some time, Bigg Boss reports that challengers have just 5 minutes to take whatever they need from the room for the week ahead.

We likewise see Rubina getting some information about a plate kept on the kitchen table. Nikki says that it is hers and Vikas Gupta requests that she wash it and keep. Nikki blows up and asks Vikas not to order her like that as she isn’t his wife or his companion. Vikas requests that Nikki control her words and Nikki blames him for kissing young girls.

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