“Divorce”still a taboo in India

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Divorce which means with mutual consent getting seperated from your partner with the help of court. When a person comes into relationship things when get misunderstandings, ego issues start getting in the relation we never know but to cope up with this we have two option either solve the misunderstandings by sitting and talking or with the help of the court which gives the couple a time period to solve their issue but if nothing works couple not able to solve the issue  then the court proceed for divorce litigation.

Divorce not only changes the life of the couple but also the families of the couple also changes and if they have kids then have to sacrifice a lot due to their parents. Divorce also take good time because both the parties have to agree to give divorce . Divorce is a taboo also in India because people make them inferior .

India have developed a lot but still our society don’t accept the divorcy men or women to live their life after divorce easily , they see them in different light . For divorced mother it is very difficult for them to take care of their children , their education etc. Society take them as an option , character of a single mother is always taken as bad. . And also men are also taken as uncompatible as they not able able to take care of their wife and children .

The couple is blamed for not carrying on their relationship . But a abusive relationship should get ended before it destroy the life of many people because it may leads to harm the mental as well as the physical health of the people. Society see them as their life , happiness have ended and they have nothing to do so in their life but peace of mind is upmost in our life.

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