Parents “requesting and bribing” their children to attend online classes

The covid situation have not only affected the economy or the life of people but also affected the career of the students especially the school going children who have totally forgotten how to study sincerely . Amidst the ongoing Covid situation, the daily routine of the people have totally unbalanced , culture of work from home have also disturbed the life of the people in one or the other way.

Parenting have also become a difficult task for the parents because managing household chores with work as well as making their children study is not an easy task. Earlier when children have to go to school , half of the work of the parents was reduced by the teachers and mentors but now from waking them up to attend online classes on time, also explaining them what have been taught in the online class have become a day to day struggle.

To make their children study and attend online classes , parents have started bribing their children by promising them to get various things for them , take them out for activities, bring them toys etc . So parenting have become a complex task in today’s modern world. Not only they have to make their children study but they have to study too and sit with their children during online classes to make their children understand the concept later on.

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