Sidharth Shukla Gives His Views On Rashami Desai Split With Arhaan Khan; Feels Sorry For Her

Bigg Boss 13 is over and it made Sidharth Shukla the most eligible bachelor in town. He is almost 40 and still unmarried and was given the tag of sanskari Casanova by the people. He was seen flirting with Aarti Singh, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and many others inside the house. And moreover, his relationship with Shehnaz Gill gained a lot of popularity. While the much younger Shehnaz Gill has gone to find her groom on a Swayamver, Siddhart Shukla is still very much single and an eligible bachelor with many girls dying to be his wife.

Now that the show is over, Siddharth Shukla has been busy giving interviews. Well, everyone knows how Rashami and Arhaan’s relationship came up. Salman Khan split Arhaan’s secret on national television. In one such interview with SpotboyE, he was asked about his views on Rashami and Arhaan split. To which Siddharth replied, “I felt sorry that she happened to trust someone so deeply- but he cheated her. Relationships are based on trust and transparency.” Sidharth however said that post that, he did not talk to Rashami about Arhaan. “Frankly, I didn’t want to get into that space,” said Shukla.

Speaking about the best memory from Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth stated that his best memory is with Rashami. According to SpotboyE, “Sidharth who has been known couldn’t take his eyes off a picture of Rashami and him from their finale performance and mentioned that he absolutely fell in love with it. As per the report, during the interview, Sidharth constantly glanced at the picture with Rashami and said, “I really liked the picture yaar. I somehow like the picture and I don’t know why.”

Further talking about it, “Sidharth mentioned how the through his performance with Rashami, they both were trying to say that how professionally they get along so well, but the moment the camera switches off, they turn into enemies. He added, “So it was fun shooting and a fun act. Also, while shooting for the act we let our guards down and became cordial after this act.”

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