Debina Bonnerjee spoke candidly about her difficulties raising Lianna while carrying her for the second time. She also disclosed what she anticipated the gender of her second child to be. Debina Bonnerjee, a television actress, is expecting her second child. When her current child was just a few months old, she got pregnant. For those who are unaware, the gorgeous actress is wed to well-known actor Gurmeet Choudhary. With Lianna Choudhary, their angel, arriving on April 3, 2022, the couple experienced parenting for the first time. Since then, her adoring parents have not missed an opportunity to share every moment of her development with their devoted following.

For instance, on October 20, 2022, Debina Bonnerjee posted a charming Reel with her daughter Lianna to her Instagram account. In the video, Debina was seen holding her infant daughter in her arms as they both wore relaxed-fitting clothes. The loving mother then appeared in a pink patterned kurta and a white sharara as the scenario changed. Her daughter, though, was the cutest in a matching outfit. Debina shared the video and wrote: “Our first matching outfit reel.”

When Debina sponsored a “Ask Me Anything” session on November 2, 2022, on her Instagram account, her followers seized the chance to quiz her on a number of topics, including her second pregnancy and daughter, Lianna. How does she handle her second pregnancy and 7-month-old daughter, said one of her fans. She responded by posting a cute photo of her daughter and mother and said that the latter is her biggest supporter during the process. Another fan inquired about her hopes for the gender of her upcoming child. The second-time mother responded that she merely hoped for a healthy kid and had no expectations of the same. Check it out:

Earlier, on October 29, 2022, Debina Bonnerjee posted an adorable video of her mum and her six-month-old baby, Lianna, to her Instagram stories. A poem titled “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes A Man- Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” was being read aloud in the video while Lianna sat on her nani’s godi and looked on adoringly. In addition, the newborn girl was lovely in a printed clothing combined with a white fur coat. Debina had penned the following on the video’s surface: “My (world emoji).”

Debina’s first pregnancy was longer than expected for the inexperienced, and she was subjected to a lot of social pressure as a result. Debina discussed the assistance of her husband Gurmeet during the arduous process of becoming pregnant for the first time in an interview with Pinkvilla. She said her adoring husband had once been a rock in her rear and had said: “Guru was very protective about me, he would see me break down and was there for me. When need be, he becomes the rock. He is so good, he is just concerned about me, my feelings and my difficulties, and just wants us to be happy.”