Chunky Panday Recalls When His Wife Bhavana Panday Had Served Him Raw Butter Chicken After Marriage

Bollywood actor Chunky Panday came on a special episode of Star Vs Food along with his daughter and actress Ananya Panday. The actor revealed a lot about his family and said that Ananya, like her mother’s side, does not have cooking skills but she cooks up nice stories! “She and her mother have never cooked anything for me, but Ananya has cooked up some nice stories and told me, but never food,” he said.

Sharing some funny moments, Chunky recalled the time when he had visited his wife Bhavana Panday’s house for dinner before marriage. “See Ananya, I don’t blame you if you’ve gone slightly wrong because it’s a hereditary problem, in our family, no one knows how to cook I mean especially from the mother’s side no one knows how to cook (laughs) but let me tell you an incident around our marriage,” he said.

Chunky continued further and added, “Bhavana is a Delhi girl, and I was invited to their house for dinner…beautiful butter chicken, Chinese everything was served and I ‘dabo-ed dabo-ed’ and ate and all and then Bhavana’s mom tells me… Nani (For Ananya) tells me ‘ke Bhavana ne sab kuch banaye hai’ and then I went to the kitchen to check, and I saw all these dabbas from different restaurants. I swear I said yes immediately. Then on the third day of our wedding night at home the cook had run away and then I told Bhavana why don’t you cook and she made butter chicken … and it was RAW.”

On the other hand, Ananya Panday shared about the reason why she took the cooking challenge, “I feel like you know, y’all do so much…handle all my tantrums and everything, so I needed to do something special for you guys,” she said.

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