Nisha Rawal, for the uninitiated, filed a complaint against him after a fight. Now, in a recent interview, Nisha accused him of having an extramarital affair and disclosed additional stunning revelations that had caused difficulty in their ideal relationship.Nisha Rawal

In an interview with Bombay Times, Nisha Rawal said, ‘One of the charges filed by me against him is of domestic violence. I hadn’t spoken about it for so many years as I understand that for an actor his career and image are of utmost importance. This is definitely about Karan having an extramarital affair, me trying to work on the marriage, him not even taking responsibility for the child, and constant abuse over the years, which I have never spoken about. I have evidence to authenticate my claim.’Nisha Rawal

She revealed further information, saying she found out about his relationship with another lady a few months ago. ‘I saw his text messages to the girl, I saw them for myself. Even after that, I sat him down and told him to talk about it. She went on to say that after putting up with him for so long. Nisha advised him that if he kept acting like this, they should split ways. The actress went on to say that she put her whole heart and soul into a relationship. ‘I finally told him that you are having an affair, you are not happy with me, you don’t want to live with me, but now we have a child. If I wasn’t a mother, I would have walked out.’He has been the family’s financial head for many years, according to the actress. She went on to say that he had sold her wedding jewelry. ‘I have supported him financially, given my all. Despite everything, he has been misbehaving and talking ill about my mother,’ she added.