After Amit Kumar, Sunidhi Chauhan Reveals Why She Quit Indian Idol As A Judge On Indian Idol, Says, She Was Also Told To Praise The Contestants

Indian Idol has been at the receiving end of criticism lately after the whole Amit Kumar controversy. And now, in an interview with ETimes, singer Sunidhi Chauhan opened up on the whole Indian Idol Controversy and revealed that she was also told to praise the contestants when she was one of the judges during season and season.

She was quoted as saying, “Not exactly this ki sabko karna hai but yes, we all were told (to praise). That was the basic thing. And so, I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t do what they wanted and I had to part ways. Hence, today, I am not judging any reality show.” Chauhan then said that she feels that judging the contestants without constructive criticism works for the show. She added, “I think it is done to seek attention. I think it is required to be done to hold your audience. Guess it works.”

Talking about the shocking reality of reality shows, Sunidhi had shared, “Lekin ismein artiste ka hi nuksaan hota hai. He/she gets praise and recognition almost overnight due to his/her stories which are put out via AV and their hunger to strive for excellence diminishes.” She had further added, “Yes, some of them still do work hard but the instant fame affects them psychologically. It’s a simple case of acquiring too much too soon”.

“Not the contestants’ fault, it’s simply because the name of the game is TRPs.I could speak the truth then. Even today I would like to say what I genuinely feel. It’s up to them whether they want to have me or not,” she added.

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