Ananya Panday Has A Hilarious Reaction To Paparazzi’s Slippers, Says “Apka Chappal Hamesha..”

A few months back, a clip of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt picking up a Paparzzo’s slipper had gone viral. The actress received so much love and admiration for her humble nature and gesture. However, now it seems that the photographers are purposely leaving their slippers at the airport. To this, the actress confronted a paparazzo and said he is doing it on purpose.

Ananya Panday’s Interaction with Paparazzi

Merely a day after Alia Bhatt’s playful interaction with a paparazzo about a misplaced slipper at Mumbai airport, actress Ananya Panday has entered the fray. She could be seen expressing her curiosity about the ongoing slipper saga. Upon her arrival at the airport on Wednesday, Ananya engaged with a paparazzo, humorously inquiring if he was the one who frequently loses his slippers. “Aapka chappal hamesha nikalta hai na?” (Do you always lose your slipper?) she quipped, prompting the paparazzo to reply, “Nahi, nahi wo dusara hai” (No, no, that’s someone else).

Ananya’s playful banter over slippers


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A video that has recently appeared online shows Ananya wearing a green velvet tracksuit and talking to the paparazzi while on her way to the airport. Among the comments, one user made a joke about the ongoing “slippers story,” while another praised Ananya’s simplicity by saying that she doesn’t overact. This incident occurred after Alia Bhatt’s interaction with the paparazzi where she accused one of them of intentionally leaving a slipper at the helped a paparazzo find a lost slipper, gaining praise for her grounded nature.

On the Work Front

Regarding Ananya’s professional side, she is presently preparing for the launch of her upcoming comedy-drama, Dream Girl 2. This will mark her first collaboration on-screen with Ayushmann Khurrana.

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