Bigg Boss OTT’s Urfi Javed Makes Shocking Revelation, Says, “Yaha S*x Ho Chuka Hai” Leaving Pratik Sehajpal Shocked

Bigg Boss OTT contestants are putting their best foot forward to survive in the game. The OTT version of the game is getting interesting with new twists and turns every day. And contestant Urfi is no different she is also trying to showcase her humorous side to win over the audience.

In a recent live video, Urfi was seen talking to the camera where she revealed that she saw two people having intercourse on the camera. Pratik who was observing the entire scenario from a distance got startled and said, “Kya bol rahi hai yeh?”. To which, she then explained that she saw two monkeys having intercourse on the camera.

In the video, Urfi can be seen narrating a funny story to the audience and says, “Jaisa ki maine aapko bataya yahan sex ho chuka hai Bigg Boss OTT ke ghar mein. Pata nahin aapko dikhaya gaya hoga ki nahin.’ To this, Pratik said, ‘What?’ and Urfi relplies, ‘Sabko pata hai ye baat nahin batani thi kya. Pratik so rahe the kya jab yahan ye sab ho raha tha. Yahan do bandar jab sex kar rahe the isne nahin dekha.”

Stay tuned for more such gossips.

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