Shilpa Shinde was quite vocal in showing her fondness for Asim Riaz and not wanting Sidharth Shukla to win Bigg Boss 13. She even claimed that she would bring out his truth if he wins the show. In fact, ahead of the grand finale, she released an audio message with Sidharth Shukla claiming him yo be an aggressive and violent boyfriend. She claimed that she was in a relationship with him and he was very possessive about her which led to their Breakup. However, she was not able to create a powerful impact with this as Sidharth Shukla won despite all accusations.

Now, Bigg Boss Khabri has decided to unveil the truth about Shilpa Shinde and how she has cooked up stories to defame Sidharth Shukla.

His tweet read, “#ShilpaShinde is the worst Winner Ever. The way She Degraded #Sid by Cooking Fake Stories, She also Did same for #DipikaKakar. She is living in #Weham thinking she has Biggest fandom Madam no one remembers u now. Public has shown u mirror By making both winner.”

The Khabri followed this tweet saying, “Whatever Stories #ShilpaShinde cooked to Degrade #Sid was tring to take revenge as he didn’t give her bhaav and rejected her as she was after her to be her GF. She thought she will Make fake stories againt Sidharth and he wil lose. Public ne usko Sheesha dikha diya where she is.”