Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De Makes Shocking Allegations Against Tina Datta, Calls Her A “Home Breaker” See Here!

In the most recent “Bigg Boss 16” commercial, Sreejita De is shown making some startling discoveries regarding Tina Datta, her co-contestant. Bigg Boss 16 is surging on the TRP charts, just like it has for every season, and it continues to pique the interest of viewers. Bigg Boss is regarded as one of the most contentious reality series on Indian television and is known for its controversy, catfights, and gossip. Due to their enmity this season, Tina Datta and Sreejita De have drawn everyone’s attention.

The ad for the next episode, which showed Sreejita De and Soundarya Sharma speaking with each other, was released by the show’s producers on December 21, 2022. Sreejita mentioned that Tina loves to receive attention from boys during their conversation and levelled some serious accusations against her. She continued by saying that Tina is a homewrecker who enjoys tearing down people, in addition to saying this. According to Sreejita “Ladko ke attention ke bina, reh hi nahi paati. Bahut logo ke ghar todne ki koshish ki hai, khudh ke ghar isi liye nahi basaa payi. Aap apne aap se itna na khush ho, ki logo ko aap pull down kar ke, us mein aapko pleasure milta hai.” 

While we never expected Sreejita would reveal such surprising information on national television, the promo heightened our sense of excitement. It will be fascinating to see how Tina responds after she learns about Sreejita’s talk with Saundarya. Fans are already speculating as to whether Bigg Boss will view De’s accusations as a breach of house rules.

The biggest soundbite around Bigg Boss 16 is still the catfights between Tina Datta and Sreejita De. They are not on speaking terms. Fans have been guessing about the actresses’ catfights and cold wars ever since they decided to join one another inside the BB house. Even though their mothers are practically best friends, Sreejita frequently mentioned that she and Tina are not close. Sreejita has long been considered a close friend by Tina, who has always denied having a grudge against her. Nevertheless, during the early weeks of Bigg Boss, Tina isolated Sreejita and defamed her as well.

A previous episode had Tina Datta discussing her relationship with Sreejita De with Vikkas Manaktala. She ultimately revealed Sreejita’s Mumbai address on national television while speaking about the same topic. The fiance of Sreejita, Michael Blohm, who has purchased a new apartment with her, afterwards criticised the Uttaran actress. He further criticised Bigg Boss 16’s creators for not muzzling the segment in an effort to express his anger over the same. He tweeted on his account, saying:

“Shocked to see addresses of #BiggBoss16 HMs leaked out on National TV.. If cursing can be beeped, then why aren’t safety & privacy important enough!? #SreejitaDe won’t be happy with this, bcoz we surely don’t want the whole world to know where we live!!”

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