Rakhi Sawant who is also known as controversy queen has entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger along with other former contestants. She is trying her best to get everyone’s attention with her antics in the Bigg Boss house. When Rakhi Sawant was asked why she participated in the Bigg Boss. To which she revealed that she has gone bankrupt and needed money. While speaking to ETimes, Rakhi opened up about being cheated by someone and is in the need of money now.

She was quoted saying, “Frankly speaking I am in need of money and I need a second chance to come to Bollywood again. I want to win the trophy and I always wanted to win a show, but it has never happened in my career. This time I want to win Bigg Boss 14. The prize money of Bigg Boss is very huge Rs 50 lakh and I want to win the cash prize as I want money.”

Talking about the reason why she went bankrupt, Rakhi Sawant revealed that someone took all her money and properties. “People must be thinking why I am suddenly in need of money and I want to tell everyone that in my personal life I’ve been cheated by someone. I can’t get my money back as the person who cheated me has died, so I am helpless. That person took all my money, properties and everything has died. Now, I am in need of money that’s why I accepted the offer of doing this show. I want to win the trophy, I know it is not going to be easy. There will be hardcore competition,” she said.

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