Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal Finally Opens On Her Abusive Marriage With Tushar Kumar, “He Is The Least Important Person In My Life”

Bigg Boss 14 saw its first eviction in the name of Sara Gurpal. The actress-singer was a popular contestant who got into controversy within the very first week. Out of nowhere, Sara Gurpal’s alleged ex-husband Tushar Kumar came up and shared their marriage certificate and pictures on Social media. Now that Sara Gurpal is out of the house, she has come up to talk about the same and shut her ex-husband and the controversies around him.

Sara Gurpal and Tushar Kumar

In a conversation with IANS, Sara Gurpal revealed that she was in an abusive marriage with Tushar Kumar and that’s why the two got separated four years ago. Sara further questioned Tushar that why did he speak about their marriage when she entered Bigg Boss 14 and not anytime before it. She said, “I think he himself said it, stating that we have been separated for almost four to five years now. It was a really abusive relationship and I think every girl has the right to move on, from something which is not (healthy).”

Tushar Kumar and Sara Gurpal

Adding further she said, “Where was he for four years? The moment ‘Bigg Boss’ began he started talking. He is the least important person in my life. If he was that important, he would have been there in my life.” Tushar Kumar who is settled in the United States claimed in an interview that Sara got married to him because of the green card. Speaking about the same Sara said, “The day I went in (to the Big Boss house) he was ready with this! For what reason? He just wanted fame. I don’t care about it and that is why he was everywhere. He is the least important for me.  There will be a thousand people saying a thousand things.”

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