Bigg Boss 14: “Eijaz Khan Is A Psyco, He Told Me He Feels Like Stabbing Someone,” Says Nishant Singh Malkani

Nishant Singh Malkani was evicted from the Bigg Boss `14 house after getting the highest votes for elimination from the green zone contestants. Along with Nishant, Kavita Kaushik was evicted but the makers decided to bring Kavita back and she re-entered the house on the last weekend ka vaar episode. Now, in an interview with Pinkvilla, while talking about Eijaz khan, Nishant Singh Malkani said Eijaz is a ‘complete psyco’ who needs medical attention.

Nishant Singh Malkani told the portal that Eijaz Khan had once told that he feels like stabbing someone in their sleep. He was quoted saying, “Eijaz is a complete psycho. He needs medical help. He has told me himself that there are times when he feels like taking a knife and stabbing someone when they are sleeping. All this is not normal. Initially, I felt he’s doing it just for the cameras, but now it’s evident that he has lost his mind.”

Meanwhile, after his eviction, Nishant Singh Malkhani took to his social media and shared a video summing up all that was said about him and all that happened with him inside Bigg Boss 14 house. Sharing a message for his detractors, he said, “So guys, iss hafte Bigg Boss ke ghar mein jo mere saath hua, mujhe kaha gaya, uske liye mera sirf ek jawaab hai. Chamak sabko nazar aati hai, par andhera koi nahi dekh paata.”

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