Mirzapur Actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya Says, “Nepotism Never Touched Me Because I Was Not launched By Investing Rs 500 crore”

Dibyendu Bhattacharya played the character of a doctor in Mirzapur’s second season. The actor started his career with Monsoon Wedding in 2001 and has done superhit films like Dev D, Black Friday, and many more. His last web series before Mirzapur was Criminal Justice in which he played the Layak and people hated his character so much that you a forced to dislike him and that’s his earning as an actor. Now, in an interview with IndiaTimes, Dibyendu Bhattacharya talked about nepotism as he gets the much-deserved recognition after 19 years of hard work.

Speaking about nepotism in the industry, Dibyendu Bhattacharya stated that Nepotism never touched him because he is not that actor who can be launched by investing Rs 500 crore. He was quoted saying by the portal, “Nepotism never touched me because I am not that actor who can be launched by investing 500 crore. I never wanted to become a hero in the film. And even if I wanted to become a hero in the film, than I had to be someone’s son or brother, otherwise why will anybody invest money on me. See nepotism and favouritism is never going to over, so the best thing is if you are talented you will get work. If you are not getting 500 crore rupees film than do a 2 crore film, because at the end you need to showcase your work right?”

Explaining his journey on how he got the roles, Dibyendu says, “I am that man who sits on the football bench to get that one chance, and I get one minute to prove, and when I prove, my time increased from one minute to 90 minutes, so you need to earn with your talent and skill. You can’t sit and cry about nepotism because that’s not in your control as it’s never going to stop.”

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