Bigg Boss house has turned into a jungle once again and many of the contestants are having the time of their life inside. This week has been quite controversial and now we can even see another controversy emerging up. Bigg Boss has spread love inside the house by sending out letters from each of the contestant’s families and friends. But there’s a twist and this will certainly create some controversies in the house.

In the previous episode, Bigg Boss gave the captaincy task and we saw Rashami Desai, Shefali Jariwala and Vikas Gupta making to the list of contenders running for captaincy. In today’s episode, we will see Mahira Sharma is trying her best to be good friends with Asim Riaz. The task is all about shredding the letters sent to housemates by their family members or not. Mahira like a good girl hands over Asim’s letter to him stating that she understands the value of emotions, however, in return, she just gets hurt. Asim being a player, shreds Mahira’s letter. She is heartbroken of course and is seen crying whilst holding the pieces of the letter. He is definitely playing a very good game. What comes next will leave everyone in splits. Paras and Sidharth Shukla will turn Bigg Boss and give tasks to inmates. The two will ask Rashami Desai to turn into a joker and entertain all others. She’ll put the makeup on her face and dance to various songs. Shefali Jariwala would be given a task too where she is supposed to balance a mug on her head and walk. Must say, Paras and Sidharth are having the best time of their Bigg Boss 13 journey while being locked up in the secret room.

We are desperately waiting for these two to enter the house and create the ruckus as always. They have got to know many secrets and now they hold the power to actually turn the game they want to. Meanwhile, we are also looking forward to who becomes the captain of the house this week.