Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana’s relationship has seen a lot of limelight in the past few days. The two have been getting intimate after Himanshi broke all ties with her boyfriend of 9 years Chow and can to the show as Asim’s connection to support him. However, she hinted that she could not be too open about her feelings as she was asked to keep quiet by Asim’s brother. Now she has made another startling revelation.

While talking to Amarujala, Himanmshi made some shocking revelation that Asim’s brother Umar interferes in his life for everything including his love life. she said Umar dominates everything, Asim does. However, now Asim wants to spend his life with Himanshi Khurana as he promised her and even proposed her for marriage when she re-entered the house. Asim said that if his father and brother are against their love story, it’s their problem. Well, now, only Asim can get a closure to this mess upon his exit from Bigg Boss 13.

In a conversation with, Himanshi said, she won’t date Asim if his father or brother is against them. She also said that Umar has advised her not to discuss marriage inside the house. When she asked about Asim’ father being unhappy with their relationship, she said, “I don’t know about that. But they have not spoken good or bad for me till now, although Asim has been only talking about me past 2 months. However, when I was coming inside the house, Umar did say that I shouldn’t go to the extent of discussing marriage and take time before deciding anything. He basically meant don’t rush into anything.”