Bigg Boss 13: Akanksha Puri Leaks WhatsApp Messages With Paras, Shows How Deeply Hurt She Is

Akanksha Puri has been getting a lot of hatred from the fans of Paras Chhabra. All because of the latter’s one comment. While opening up to his co-contestant Arhaan Khan, Paras said that Akanksha Puri had forced him to get this tattoo and it wasn’t his decision. This has deeply hurt Akanksha, who has till date supported Paras Chhabra and even tolerated his flirtatious behavior.

When Times Of India got in touch with the actress and asked her about the BB contestant’s ‘forced tattoo’ comment, she said, “I have been getting a lot of negative messages and people are calling me pile on and all sh**. I have kept quiet because I wanted to keep this relationship away from this game. But now what all Paras said has really affected me and has hurt me deeply. We have shared a beautiful relationship and had our shares of ups and downs but we have always stood for each other. But now things are going a little out of hand after what Paras said about the tattoo and about how unhappy he is in this relationship.”

However, During a weekend ka var with Salman khan, Akanksha has even revealed that it could his game plan too to make his connection real and better with the housemates. She further stated that she was prepared him for this kind of game of most of the strategies of they planned together before paras enter the Bigg Boss house. she also said that she was very clear about one thing that paras should keep her out of his game. She said she doesn’t know what’s actually wrong with him and why is he saying all these things about her. Not only this, the actress even revealed their WhatApp chats where Paras promises his loyalty before he entered the house.

While talking to the media, Akanksha said, “He makes me look so weak and a pile on. I am a completely opposite person. I am a strong independent woman and staying away, alone from home since years. I don’t know what is in his mind. I can only wait for him to come out and talk. But according to my calculations, I feel he wants to give a different picture about our relationship so that his connections inside look real.”

She went on to said that Paras’ mom is upset with him too as she regularly talks to his mom and they share a special bond. “She is very upset about how Paras even used her name. She is upset because she loves me a lot and cannot hear anything against me. I feel blessed to have her support by my side,” she revealed to the leading portal.

While talking to the, Akanksha said, “He had given me a surprise. I never forced me. Enough is enough. He has been clearly disrespectful to me. As and when he exits Bigg Boss 13, he will have to stay ‘Sorry’ to me- but not before he also has a one-on-one long chat with me. I have lots to ask him.”

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