Bigg Boss is one of the most loved yet controversial shows on Indian television. It is a madhouse where the dynamics of relationship keep changing. And staying inside the Bigg Boss house is a lifetime’s experience. Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Jayaram Pathak recently got evicted and he was roped in by the Indian Express to share his experience.

In the interview, he said, “I really got so much love from my fans. I could never imagine that I could be pitted against such popular celebrities. It’s just that in the last two weeks, I had been missing my mother and family a lot. I was mentally very disturbed and wanted to actually go home. My mother is the most important person in my life, and I am happy to be finally meeting her”. 

When asked the reason as to why he had become so dull in the show. He had stated, “As you all know Sidharth Shukla was diagnosed with typhoid, and a lot of other people also got a viral infection. I had pain in my joints and so was advised by the doctors to rest. I was also quite weak and so couldn’t participate much in the activities. I know my fans expected me to be around the camera all the time, but I had no strength. However, I tried my best to entertain everyone.

Hindustani Bhau also spoke about the contestants and revealed their game plans. He said, “They are all actors and so have a facade in front of them. They were all fake and one couldn’t understand when they were real or when they acted. I come from a humble background and so couldn’t pretend. But I am thankful that because of Bigg Boss, I managed to change my image. Now people have realised that I am a fun-loving person, and am not abusing all the time. And most importantly, I can respect women,”

Vikas Fhatak also opened up about his fight with Sidharth Shukla’s. He revealed, “Even today, the men in the house are scared to be rude to women because of me. Sidharth Shukla is someone who is very temperamental and can even get violent. He really tortured Arti Singh, because of which she got a panic attack. That really shook me. And when he tried to act smart with Himanshi Khurana, I told him fiercely to draw the line. I was not scared of him nor his aggressiveness.”

He also went on to reveal what he learnt from the show, “I learnt that agree to both parties when you are caught in a fight. However, the biggest teaching that I got is that never go all the way to help someone. There would be a time when they will shot back at you saying they never asked you for aide.”

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