The most successful reality show, Big Boss has come to an end. The way it engaged people was just amazing. Although Sidharth Shukla was a clear winner of the show, no one thought that Arti will come this far. Making her place in the top 5, Arti Singh has proved to be an independent player. Well, her fans joined her name with Sid as they made the #Sidarti. Look what she has to say on it in an interview with Pinkvilla.

Your relationship status with Sidharth Shukla?

Rumours were there before I even entered the house. Definitely, I am single right now and want to focus on work. If I get a good man, I would marry too. Sidharth is a good guy. It is all a coincidence. If it has to happen, it will

Do you have any regrets whatsoever when it comes to your journey?

I have no regrets. When I had an anxiety attack, and I couldn’t control it, I felt a little sad but then now that I am out, people told me that it has helped a lot of people to speak about anxiety issues openly. That house can make you feel really low and things get to you. I have no regrets. I thought I would stick for a few weeks and will get evicted. I danced with Salman sir. I have achieved everything. I am so happy.

Sidharth somewhere affected you a lot. Do you think that was the trigger?

No, Sidharth was not the reason for my trigger. Sidharth is a very good friend of mine. I used to get affected by any small fights with both Sidharth and Rashami because they have been my good friends whom you consider friends. When you see that slipping, you do get startled. Sidharth is very protective, so he used to guide me but then I decided to play independently. But I realized I couldn’t put my point across properly. When I was saved in first elimination, that’s when I decided that I can’t take the show lightly.

What about your relationship with Rashami Desai. Will you remain friends?

Kashmera is slightly more protective of me. She is more impulsive. I am soft comparatively. Rashami has seen a lot of ups and downs inside the house, she has been my friends for 8 years now. I love her, she is my friend but I did not like her game. But when it comes to our equation outside, she is my friend and will always remain one.