Aayush Sharma Denies Claims Of Marrying Salman Khan’s Sister Arpita Khan For Money And Fame

Aayush Sharma is a well-known actor in the Hindi film industry. He gained fame with his debut movie Loveyatri and further recognition with his role in Antim: The Final Truth. Married to Arpita Khan in 2014, his connection to the Khan family has stirred discussions about nepotism in Bollywood.

Aayush Sharma Addressing Rumors

In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Aayush Sharma addressed rumors surrounding his marriage and career. He refuted claims of receiving extravagant gifts like a diamond-studded sherwani or a Bentley as dowry, clarifying that these were fabricated stories. Aayush stressed that his relationship with Arpita was not based on financial motives or a desire to enter Bollywood.

Struggles and Success

Aayush highlighted his journey as a struggling actor from a political family, revealing that he underwent over 300 auditions before finding success. He dismissed allegations of marrying into the Khan family for personal gain, emphasizing that his relationship with Arpita began during his challenging phase as an aspiring actor. Aayush emphasized that Arpita and the Khan family knew him well before their union, dispelling doubts about his intentions.


Salman Khan’s Support

A poignant moment from Aayush’s past was when he considered quitting acting due to repeated rejections. Salman Khan, his brother-in-law, intervened, offering guidance and training to improve his skills. Aayush expressed gratitude for Salman’s role in shaping his career.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite initial apprehensions from his family about marrying Arpita, Aayush followed his heart. Concerns about financial stability and differences in family backgrounds were voiced, but Aayush and Arpita’s bond endured. Their understanding and commitment proved stronger than public perceptions.

Aayush Sharma’s journey in Bollywood reflects resilience and determination. From overcoming rumours and challenges to finding support in his family, he continues to carve a niche for himself in the film industry. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors, showcasing that success is achievable through hard work and perseverance.

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