Celebrities have always been under the constant scrutiny of the paparazzi. Ananya Panday, the young and talented Bollywood actress, found herself in the spotlight once again when she was recently spotted hiding her face with her hands and a black mask as the paparazzi clicked her. This incident quickly caught the attention of netizens, sparking discussions about privacy, the impact of social media, and the fine line between fame and personal space.

The Paparazzi and Celebrity Privacy

The relationship between celebrities and the paparazzi has been a long-standing and complex one. On one hand, the paparazzi play a significant role in providing the public with glimpses into the lives of their favorite stars. However, this intrusion into their personal space often leaves celebrities feeling exposed and vulnerable, leading to incidents like Ananya Panday’s attempt to shield herself from the intrusive cameras.

Netizens Reaction

As soon as the video of the actress surfaced online, netizens showed their concern. A section of the social media user also finds it weird how paparazzi don’t care about someone’s privacy. “For god’s sake leave her along, she is not public property,” wrote one user. “what is wrong with the cameramen, the lady is not interested they should not click on her,” commented another user.


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The incident of Ananya Panday hiding her face highlights the impact of social media on celebrity behavior. Many celebrities have been criticized and even trolled for their natural or unguarded moments caught on camera. As a result, they feel compelled to be more cautious and guarded, which further blurs the line between their public persona and their private self.