Alia Bhatt Shares Her Views On Social Media After Getting Slam Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death: “IT IS NOT US”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death enraged his fans so much that they started abusing all the celebrities that could be linked to anyone in the frame. And Alia Bhatt was also not spared by them. The hatred she received because of Rhea Chakraborty’s connection with her dad Mahesh Bhatt went to such an extent that she even had to turn off comments on her post. Now, she has finally reacted to everything happening on social media through a post and beautiful caption.

While sharing a beautiful picture of herself, Alia Bhatt penned down a long caption as he clocked 50 million followers on her Instagram. She wrote, “Today is appreciation day.. thank you my family.. my people.. you have today given me 50M love.. I love you ALL to the stars and beyond. I’d like to take this moment to share something I’ve learned over the last couple of months.. social media connects us.. it excites us and yes it also entertains us.. but IT IS NOT US.”

Alia Bhatt then stated that she has been always grateful regardless of how many followers she has. She wrote, “I truly truly truly believe that our lives are made up of the relationships we cultivate with people and most importantly OURSELVES…no one has the right to make you feel any lesser or greater by the touch of a button.”

In the end, she wrote that she wants all her fans to take a moment and appreciate themselves as she penned, “Because no like or dislike.. no follow or troll or poll can take who YOU are away from yourself.”

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