A few days ago, Adhyayan Suman and Maera Mishra were hitting the headlines when the latter officially announced their breakup. Speaking to Times Of India, Maera had said, “Yes, we broke up in November. Though Adhyayan has been posting break-up stories on his Instagram account, I would like to clarify that those posts aren’t for me. They are for his song.” Now, Adhyayan Suman has opened up about the aftermath of his breakup and revealed that he became an alcoholic and had even started getting anxiety attacks.

In a recent interview with Spotboye, Adhyayan Suman said, “After my heartbreak, at one point of time I turned into an alcoholic. Because I felt like mere andar itna dard hai ki main is dard ko bardaash nahi kar paa raha (I felt I had so much pain in me that I couldn’t bear it). Now, I feel it was all filmy. But that time I was young 25-26 and probably didn’t gain as much wisdom. Zindagi ko itna kareeb se maine nahi dekha tha tab (I had not seen life so closely). It was 7-8 years back. I developed anxiety issues which I am still dealing with.”

He continued, “If a relationship doesn’t work nobody is at fault. Two people come together for some reason. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Jis insaan ko apni zindagi mein rehna hota hai they stay back (who has to stay in your life they stay back) and the one who wants to leave you, they just leave. And that is something I have faced in my life.”

“I was in love with somebody whom I never wanted to leave but she left. You have to face it and move on. You can’t force somebody to stay with you. Life is a gift and we should not give up on it for anybody. You can do a lot with your life if you channel your energies positively. I don’t want to sound like a spiritual guru but I am saying this with my own personal experience,” he added.

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