In an interview Dulquer salmaan talked about a time when someone touched him inappropriately. The actor mentioned the incident when he was asked about the strange encounters he had with fans. Recently, Dulquer Salmaan has been on a promotional spree, as he is currently promoting two releases simultaneously. His web series ‘Guns and Gulaabs’ with Raj-DK has already been launched to positive reviews, while his upcoming Malayalam film ‘King of Kotha’ is in the making. As the actor has been continuously releasing his films, he has been engaging in a lot of interviews. In one of these, Dulquer recalls an incident in which he was inappropriately touched.

Dulquer Salmaan reveals that he was once inappropriately touched by an older woman

Dulquer was asked about his strange encounters with fans during an interview with a YouTuber named RanveerAllahbadia. The actor then revealed the incident in which an elderly woman had touched him inappropriately. Initially, the Bangalore Days actor revealed an incident in which someone kissed him on the cheek while he was posing for photographs without his consent. “An older woman, while taking pictures, had sneaked a peck on my cheek. Not very appropriate, but I am not even looking there; I am posing for the picture, and suddenly there’s a peck. Sometimes it catches you by surprise,” revealed Dulquer.

Dulquer also revealed another incident that caught him off guard. He said,”An older lady—I don’t know why—and it was very awkward and very bizarre. Like she squeezed, and I was in pain. I don’t think it was that kind of a grab; I don’t know what, and she was way older. I don’t know what it meant, and I was on stage, and a lot of people were standing there, and I was like, Aunty, please come and stand here’. I held her.”

The actor went on to explain the incident further saying, “A lot of times, people don’t know where to keep their hands. Sometimes it is on your behind. But this was… in the pictures, I was trying to smile and I was wondering what is happening, and I didn’t know how to get out of it.” Dulquer said he doesn’t know why people do things like this. In an interview, the actor from Kurup said all he knows is the pain he felt when something like this happened to him.