Will school be reopen this year?

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation , schools was closed down to stop the spread and increase in the cases of the covid situation. Its been a long time that the schools have closed . The question when will the schools will open , this year or next year is on every other student’s mind . Corona have affected the academic life up to great extent .States have now been deliberating resuming teaching and learning activities in educational institutions like in Maharashtra, government have opened schools in many areas where there is no active cases of covid-19.After in various other states also schools are reopening after doing vaccination of the teaching and non teaching staff on priority basis. Schools will be following proper guidelines to stop the upsurge of corona .

The trend of online classes after the outbreak of the covid -19 has many advantages as well disadvantages because understanding concept and attending classes while sitting at home does not bring that much efficiency and productivity which will come from understanding and sitting in physical classroom. Students have become more lazy and unproductive because of the timings of the classes , less syllabus, less homework etc. It has not only have effected the school going but also the college students as well.

It is said that by the month of november , the third wave of corona will hit the country which will hit children the most. But the kid’s education is also very important .So some states have taken the decision to do reopen the schools in Uttarakhand , Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra , Kerala, etc . But the states are in tension also as the upcoming wave trigger a tension on the children .

Government have laid down certain guidelines like stringent adherence to universal masking for staff and students, matched by hand hygiene , physical distancing , adequate ventilation.high level of testing and contact tracing within schools. The level of community transmission in a district should be the key parameter to guide school reopening. The classroom routines redesigned to limit student interaction inside and outside classrooms. So, by taking the following steps government can open schools in covid free areas.


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